Summer’s coming!

26 May 2016 … or so we hope!

Rehearsals are going well for our summer concert – it is such varied music and we are now working on getting the rhythms right!

If you haven’t yet purchased any tickets, please do so now, you will really enjoy this refreshing programme!

You can buy tickets online here or from members of the choir, at Brittens in Byfleet, The Lightbox in Woking or Christ Church in Woking.


A Cadogan Hall success

20 March 2016 – Another concert has come and gone and we are so grateful to everyone that came to Cadogan Hall yesterday to watch us perform Michael Tippett’s ‘A Child of Our Time’ as well as our very own MD, Ben Palmer‘s world premiere of ‘Flying in the Fire’!

WCS - Cadogan Hall concert 0316

In the beautiful setting of the Cadogan Hall, these stirring and emotional pieces were only enhanced by the magnificent Orchestra of St Paul’s playing of excerpts from John Williams’ ‘Schindler’s List’ score.

We worked very hard on the Tippett, in particular, and were proud to have brought it to London audiences but we were most excited to finally hear ‘Flying in the Fire’ with a full orchestra – and it did not disappoint!

We are now moving on to a rather more lighthearted programme of Copland, Lauridsen, Whitacre, Barber and Bernstein for our summer concert and hope to welcome you back in June!

A Child of Our Time

9 February 2016 – Not much time left until our first concert for 2016. Michael Tippett is turning out to be a challenge but we are welcoming it with open arms and rehearsals are going well! We are focusing on A Child of Our Time for now but can’t wait to start working on our own MD Ben Palmer‘s commissioned work, Flying in the Fire!
This will be a magnificent concert and we are very excited to perform at Cadogan Hall in London! To celebrate, here is the poster for the concert, including all the information needed to book tickets!

WCS poster 19March2016

Happy Holidays!

15 December 2015 – If you spend any time outside at the moment, it may well feel like this post is rather premature – with this mild weather it can’t be December, can it?
Alas, the days move on (regardless of weather!) and we find ourselves at the end of another very successful year of choral singing.
Our Christmas Oratorio went down a treat earlier this month and we enjoyed the magnificent brass section of the Orchestra of St Paul’s – it put us in the right mood for Christmas!

We are now looking forward to 2016, which will see us perform at Cadogan Hall in March (get your tickets here), Lauridsen and Copland in the summer, and Messiah next winter. To say we are excited is an understatement!

As the year slowly winds down, we want to extend our thanks in particular to our always enthusiastic and passionate conductor, Ben Palmer – we are very much looking forward to performing his composition ‘Flying in the Fire’ in March and hope to make him proud! Also huge thanks to our unflappable accompanist, Penny Davis – she braved the speed of our Christmas Oratorio with her usual professionalism!

And a huge thank you to YOU, our audience – we appreciate your constant support and couldn’t do what we do without you. We look forward to seeing you at many more concerts.

We hope you have a blessed holiday season and may 2016 bring you health, peace and beautiful music.

The end of summer

24 August 2015 – There are not many who would look forward to summer being over – choir singers know better though! Whilst we will miss the sunshine and the sudden freedom of no plans for Monday nights, we are excited to get back to note bashing, vocal exercises and singing beautiful arrangements with our friends.

Our summer concert came and went, with a fantastically successful performance of Ben Palmer’s world premiere of ‘To the Greenwood Gone’.
We had good weather and a fab time at our summer picnic, too – unfortunately we had so much fun, we simply didn’t have time to take pictures to share with you. Just trust us when we say the choir knows how to have fun outside of rehearsals as well!

So now there are two more weeks until the new season starts and we are preparing for Bach’s Christmas Oratorio, which is much loved by everyone. Next year will include another Ben Palmer world premiere along with Tippett’s ‘A Child of our Time’ at Cadogan Hall in London, plus Lauridsen, Copland and Handel later in 2016.

As always, we love welcoming new member so if you think you would enjoy being part of a friendly, ambitious and fun-loving choir, why not join us? We are having an Open Rehearsal October 5th, especially for those who want to come and check us out – see the details on our new flyer below :)



Enjoy the last rays of sun and see you at rehearsals (or at concerts)!

To the Greenwood Gone

28 May 2015 – For the past few weeks we’ve been very excited to rehearse a lovely new piece composed by our very own MD, Ben Palmer! Without giving too much away (since you’ll want to hear it all yourself on 27 June), ‘a-hunting we will go’ plus you will encounter some beautiful harmonies (and we aim to do them justice!)
Below is our poster with all the details – we really hope you will come! It promises to be a light and enjoyable programme.


What’s next?

6 April 2015 – Well… a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came to our ‘double requiem’ concert last week! Lovely to see so many of you enjoying what we’d worked so hard to achieve. Both the Haydn and the Mozart Requiems were simply beautiful in their own right and we have had many compliments from the audience after the concert. Needless to say, we have enjoyed singing these pieces as much as you’ve enjoyed listening to them!

So, what is next, you’ll ask? We are moving to a slightly lighter programme for the summer and have started rehearsals on Cecilia McDowall’s ‘Fancy of folksongs’ and John Rutter’s ‘The sprig of thyme’. This promises to be a fun concert which also includes Ravel and a WCS commission written by our very own MD, Ben Palmer! Grab tickets here for June 27th!

In other news – our 120th anniversary season is fast approaching and we have selected some sublime pieces to perform – you will find Haydn, Handel, Mendelssohn, Gounod and Poulenc all putting in an appearance in 2016/2017. Head over to our Concerts page to get details and put the dates in your calendar!

One Requiem, two Requiem

21 February 2015 – Oh my, what a stunning programme we are currently working on! Not one, but TWO Requiems and aren’t they just stunning!

Most will know the Mozart Requiem very well but once you listen to the Haydn Requiem you will have a sense of deja-vu!

We are giving our best in rehearsals to get the German pronounciation just right in time for the concert on March 28th. Please, if you haven’t bought tickets yet, do so here – you won’t want to miss this concert!

See you there!


Happy New Year! Come, sing with us!

14 January 2015 – We’ve happily been back at rehearsals for the past two weeks and isn’t it great to give your voice a fabulous workout again – we’ve missed singing over the holiday season!

So maybe instead of making New Year’s resolutions to work out at the gym, why not join us to sing the lovely Mozart and M. Haydn Requiems? You better believe you’ll be getting a workout from all that diaphragm breathing :)

We have an Open Rehearsal coming up on Monday and would love to see you there, get to know you a little and sing the Mozart together for a couple of hours. If you’re interested, please see the image below, it will provide all you need to know.

Hope to see you there!